Piss Test

Are Legal Steroids Safe and Will They Pass A Piss Test ?

Drug Testing On Steroid Supplements

The most commonly asked question about legal steroids is will I pass a piss test ?


Yes, you will pass a “drug test” (piss test as commonly referred). While it’s important to remember that there is a major difference between tests. There are two main test,  a standardized  “drug test”, and a “performence enhancement screening test”. Legal steroid supplements do NOT contain any “drugs”. If you are a competing athlete, some substances could be on a “prohibited list”, but they are not illegal in any way.  For professional athletes, law enforcement and military personnel, the use of drugs (such as injectable testosterone) for performance enhancement  is prohibited. Therefore resorting to legal alternatives allowed.

The Muscle Labs USA Supplements brand does NOT use any prescription grade ingredients, or any FDA Banned Substances. *   While worth noting that if you a competing athlete, some substances may fall under their prohibited category.  Read More Here [Prohibited In Sports]

Legal Steroids And Sports Competition

The questions, will an individual be fouled-out for using legal steroids if and when a drug test is done on them? The answer is no. Athletes should always be aware of the exact banned supplements for competing. Legal steroids, as the name suggests, means they are legal and allowed within local, state and federal laws. They are allowed to be shipped, sold, bought, possessed as well as used within the U.S. Even for law enforcement and military personnel.

What happens in the event of a drug test?

Will the steroids not show up?  If tested for “drugs” the legal steroids will not show up on a drug test of any magnitude. They do not contain any prescription drug ingredients. All legal steroids, manufactured to FDA standards. These standards,  accepted by the DEA without fault. A drug test administered to screen for illegal substances within the urine or blood. All legal steroids manufactured using completely legal substances and do not contain any substance illegal under the law. So when a drug test is done you can be sure to be safe.

A little known fact that legal steroids, actually accepted in various capacities. Use by professional athletes, law enforcement and military personnel. This therefore means that even if using legal steroids, your use of the same is credible under the law and you cannot be faulted for it.